Special Balneo Therapies at Rich Spa Hotel

Apparatus lymphatic drainage

Apparatus lymphatic drainage is a cosmetic procedure that is performed using a high-tech device with ultrasound or vacuum. Apparatus lymphatic drainage removes excess fluid from the body by restoring blood circulation and toning muscles. As a result of the procedure, the liquid starts to move, the lymphatic system is cleaned, metabolism is restored and blood circulation is improved. Lymphatic drainage favors the activity of internal organs.

15 min. / BGN 30

Medical examination

Primary medical examination.

BGN 20 

Optional ultrasound

Recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system, arthritis, osteoarthritis, neuralgia, radiculitis and others. Various painkillers are rubbed. 

10 min./20 BGN 

Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy creates an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. 

10 minutes / BGN 15


10 min / BGN 10 

Application with mud and lye

Application with mud and lye / whole body / - 20 min./45 BGN 

Application with mud and lye / optional area / - 20 min. / BGN 25 

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