A story older than 10 years

A story older than 10 years


The beginning of this interesting story is before more than 10 years. We can call it a dream that came true or a fulfilled promise.

In a process of building a mineral pool, the owner Mr Zlatko Zlatanov, met the most older plumber in Velingrad – Uncle Georg Kochev. In this place flow water from three mineral springs. Uncle Georg says that this place is spiritual and it was honored by the Thracians, later in time from the Roman Empire and Christians. Zlatko Zlatanov promised himself to keep the saintliness of this place and one day to build an icon of Virgin Mary.

But where? Where is the place?” asked Mr Zlatanov.

In this time, higher in the park, between two pine trees, fell thunder.

Here you are, this is the place”, said Uncle Georg. “He showed you.”

Even nowadays, the scar from this thunder is still at this place.

In 15.08.2010, during the feast of Virgin Mary, in the park of Spa hotel Rich, is sacred an Orthodox chapel-icon of Virgin Mary Shirshaya Heavens.

This is the only one embossed icon in the Balkans of Virgin Mary.

This icon is a donation from Zlatanovi Family to all the citizens and guests of Velingrad.