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Special therapies at Rich Spa Hotel
Rice therapy

Eastern recipe for beauty. The secret recipe of geishas for porcelain skin is hidden in the small grains of rice. Rice stimulates the formation of new cells, regenerates the skin and increases elasticity. The fiber it contains helps burn fat and boosts metabolism. And the oil extract orysinol contained in the berries is a natural sunscreen and protects the skin from harmful UV rays. The therapy includes cleansing the body with rice milk, rice mask for deep hydration and nourishing, relaxing massage. 

90 min. / BGN 145 

Rich Luxury Spa Ceremony

An exclusive SPA ceremony combining the unprecedented luxury of gold, relaxing massage techniques and an exquisite combination of sensual aromas, creating a unique feeling of relaxation, a source of beauty and a surge of new vitality. The therapy begins with a ritual washing of the feet in a bath with aromatic petals. Continues with reflexology to improve blood circulation. Next is a face and body mask with 24 carat gold, which gives the skin deep hydration and rejuvenating effect. Treatment of the body with special accessories, borrowed from the Scandinavian massage traditions, to remove energy blockages. The pleasure continues with a relaxing massage with oil with golden particles for radiant skin. It ends with a head acupressure and a non-alcoholic cocktail. 

Be a part of our sophisticated world! 

90 min / BGN 185 

Bulgarian Rose Therapy

"A Bulgarian rose ... a lived love, like a moment of a dream come true ..." Thanks to the active ingredients of Bulgarian rose and pearl extract, the therapy revitalizes, regenerates and hydrates the skin. Includes a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, a rejuvenating mask and a hydrating massage. 

75 min. / BGN 125 

Bulgarian Yogurt Therapy

Enjoy nourishing body therapy based on the powerful ingredients of Bulgarian yogurt. Moisturizes, hydrates and softens the skin. The procedure begins with cleansing the body with a product based on a new, modern concept without abrasive particles. It continues with a relaxing massage and ends with a cream mask that helps to preserve the elasticity and youth of the skin for a long time. 

75 min. / BGN 135 

Honey and milk therapy

Hydrates, revitalizes, improves skin elasticity, rejuvenates. Includes a relaxing honey and milk gel massage and a nourishing mask. 

60 min./95 BGN 

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