The mineral water

The mineral water

The mineral water of Velingrad by quantity and composition is similar to the water of Hisar, Bathroom Called. Similar is the mineral water in Krasnovo, Kostenets, Dobrinishte, Eleshnitsa Belchinski bathrooms and more. This is one of the main reasons Velingrad to develop as a major, national and international spa resort. This is why Velingrad bear the title “Spa Capital of the Balkans” too.


The medical effect of mineral waters in Spa hotel “Rich” due to content of mineral and gas composition, as well as other biologically active substances. These are hydro and silicon compounds, sulfur and hydrogen sulfide. They stimulate the cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems. Have a beneficial effect on musculoskeletal system and joint system. Improve metabolism and activity of the endocrine glands.

In swimming pools of Spa hotel RICH is used mineral water from “Velingrad- Ladzhene.” The spring is near the hotel and has a temperature of 59 oC. Until the water arrives in the hotel it is naturally cooled to the appropriate temperature. This ensures the use of 100% mineral water for therapeutic and prophylactic procedures.

The mineral water is characterized as hyper, slightly mineralized, hydro – sulphate – sodium content of metacilicic acid and fluoride.

total mineralization 404.6 mg / L ph = 9,00

  • FL F – 8,00 mg / l sodium Na- 99,6mg / l

  • chloride Cl – 9,5 mg / l potassium K – 3,1 mg / l

  • sulphates SO – 93,0 mg / l calcium Ca- 3,6 mg / l

  • carbonates CO- 18,0mg / l iron Fe- 0,0 mg / l

hydrosulfates HSiO -1,03 magneziy- monitor

  • hidrokarbonatiHCO – 79,3 mg / lmetasilitsieva acid H2SiO – 88,1 mg / l

We have developed special programs for prevention and treatment by SPA tailored to the characteristics of mineral water, climate and preformed factors

According to individual guests we can prepare an individual program for prevention and treatment of
1. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system – degenerative, inflammatory, after trauma.
2. endocrine and metabolic diseases – obesity, diabetes mellitus, gout, hypofunction of the gonads.
3. Gynecological diseases – nonspecific inflammatory and infertility – male and female.
4. Respiratory diseases – nonspecific inflammatory and allergic.
5. Disorders of the peripheral nervous system and functional nervous diseases

The mineral water in Spa Hotel “Rich” is from different sources.

Hot bath № 1

In Topi has built special divices for production of sea water enriched with a magnesium salt.

THERE ARE VERY WIDE SPECTRUM OF ACTION. Detoxifies the body. Strengthens bones, muscles and nervous system. Beneficial effects with chronic fatigue, weakened immune system, high blood pressure, stroke, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, heart rate, CARDIAC NEDOSTATANOST, loss of concentration, memory loss, apathy, depression, diabetes, psoriasis, Parkinson’s disease, muscle cramps, pain OF ANY NATURE, dermatological problems, hair and nails.

The water temperature = 30 – 32

Hot bath № 2

MINERAL WATER FROM BATH 2 is enriched of metasilicic ACID.


N- 8 mg / L; Na = 74.19 mg / l Ca = 1.44 mg / l

sulfates = 82.30 mg / L; hydrocarbons = 30.51 mg / L;

carbonates = 30.00mg / L; metasilicic acid = 71.76 mg / l

Total mineralization = 306.7 mg / l

Extremely useful for prevention and treatment of neuroses, neurasthenia, neuralgia and ALL diseases of the peripheral nervous system and bones – joints

The water temperature = 36 – 38

Hot bath №3

Mineral water from spring “Vlasa” with content of hydrogen sulphide.


N 0.20 mg / L; Na = 153.02 mg / l Ca = 4.04 mg / l

sulfates = 169.13 mg / L; hydrocarbons = 146.44 mg / L;

carbonates = 6.00mg / l; free hydrogen sulphide 0.02 mg / l

Total mineralization = 589.09 mg / l

It is beneficial to the skin and is indicated for the prevention and treatment of ALL dermatology or joint disease.

The water temperature = 38 – 40