Traditional massages

Traditional massages at Rich Spa Hotel
Classical massage

Relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation. 

50 min./69 BGN 

Back and head massage

30 minutes / BGN 69 


Relaxing massage, reduces the effects of stress and restores the disturbed balance between mind, body and soul. We have a wide selection of flavors. 

50 min./79 BGN 

Massage with scented candles

Fragrances soothe, stimulate and enchant us. They bring harmony and sensuality to our lives. The candles with which selv. perform massages contain 100% selected vegetable oils with a well-known effect: nourishment, hydration, toning, improve skin elasticity. The massages are available in 3 aromatic variants: 

  • Anti-stress - 60 min. / BGN 89 
  • Aroma detox - 60 minutes. / BGN 89 
  • Aromatherapy - 60 min. / BGN 89 
Healing massage

Manual therapy for pain, stiffness and injuries. 

  • 30 minutes back / BGN 55 
  • 45 minutes whole body / BGN 79 
  • 60 minutes whole body / BGN 99 
Sports and restorative massage

Deep tissue massage, suitable after exercise. The massage leads to relaxation and recovery of the muscles. 

45 min / BGN 89 

60 min. / BGN 109 

Chocolate massage

It has a nourishing effect, stimulates regenerative processes, sculpts the silhouette and gives a shiny and even look to the complexion. 

45 min./69 BGN 

Children's chocolate massage - 30 minutes / BGN 45 


This type of therapy is based on the principle that all organs, glands and systems in the human body are designed on the reflex points of the feet and palms. By massaging these points restores the body's energy balance. 

30 minutes / BGN 59 

Did you know that...

The swimming pools and the SPA center of Hotel RIC use mineral water from the Velingrad-Ladjene deposit.
Mineral water is characterized as hyperthermal, slightly mineralized, bicarbonate - sulphate - sodium containing metasilicic acid and fluorine.
It has a beneficial effect and has a healing effect on neuroses, neurasthenia, menopausal disorders, hypertension, atherosclerosis, fast heart rate, heart failure, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, loss of concentration, memory loss, apathy, depression, diabetes, muscle cramps, diabetes, muscle cramps. , pain of all kinds, hair and nail problems, skin problems, osteoporosis.

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