Only 120 km away from Sofia and 80 km from Plovdiv is situated the spa capital of the Balkans – Velingrad.
Located between 750 and 830 meters above sea level in the most beautiful part of the Rhodope Mountains, the city is unique with its beautiful nature, fresh air and big variety of mineral spprings.
Velingrad is a favorite destination for spa tourism. Thousands of guests from around the world are coming every year.

The climate is temperate continental with Mediterranean influence and low character with cool summers and mild winters. Velingrad is blessed with three huge resources – air, water and sun. Here gushing over 80 mineral springs with daily flow rate of 14 million litres. Here is the largest karst spring in the Balkans – Lake Kleptuza. Velingrad has the longest sunshine in Bulgaria – unique 215 days a year.

Beauty and healing power of this earthly paradise is appreciated and revered since ancient times. Legends say that this land has ever lived Orpheus. This area is inhabited by Thracian tribes as early as 6-5 c. BC. Is. The most durable are traces of Bessie tribe. Found mounds, cemeteries, walls of settlements and fortresses.

Today the area is used for active recreation, health prevention and treatment of many diseases. Specific climatic factors and natural resources resort with opportunities for climate and prevention of various diseases of the upper respiratory tract, infertility, inflammation, allergies, asthma, diseases of the nervous system – neuroses, neuro-vegetative dystonia. Velingrad is one of the leading resorts for rehabilitation after illness and prevention of allergic diseases.

The only town in Bulgaria where all hotels and restaurants, which are association’s members, work only with green energy, certificated by EVN provider.

Nowadays Velingrad is home of hospitality industry – tourism!

Уважаеми гости на СПА хотел Рич, вътрешният детски кът на хотела няма да работи до 29.10 поради извършвани ремонтни дейности. На ваше разположение са външният детски кът и нашите детегледачки. Благодарим ви за разбирането.