Exotic massages

Exotic massages in Rich SPA Hotel

Shirodara is also called the heavenly head massage! The meaning of the word comes from "Shiro" / chapter / and "Dara" / stream /. A special massage of the head, shoulders and neck is performed, and the liquid with a high vitamin content of B vitamins floods the area of the third eye. Improves sleep, thought process and vision. 

30 min. / BGN 55 


Massage with volcanic stones

This massage uses pleasantly warmed volcanic stones, which "rob" the negative energy and charge the human body with positive energy. They contribute to peace, tranquility and warmth. 

60 min./79 BGN 

Tropicana Massage

Relaxing massage with cinnamon aroma and orange slices that hydrate and nourish the skin, includes a 10 minute mask. 

60 min / 79lv. 

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Our conference hall is fully equipped and renovated in 2022. It is a perfect place for your seminars and team building events. 

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